Recent Projects

Mary & Rick's home upgrade in Kanata, Ontario

Rick and Mary live in a townhome, and are looking for the perfect home to move to. In order to be ready to place their house on the market at a moment's notice, they decided to do several upgrades:
Two complete bathroom renovations, a brand new furnace, a complete repair of their front steps, new flooring in the kitchen and dining room, complete house painting, new lights and mirror in the powder room, repairs and staining to the back deck, repairs and painting to the front steps and column, and some unforeseen repairs.

2 Bathrooms to renovate

Both bathrooms were completely renovated. This included removing the bathtubs, tub enclosures, flooring, vanity/sink/& faucets, lighting, painting, etc... New vinyl flooring was installed in the kitchen and dining room, and stairs to the basement. The old inefficient gas furnace was removed and replaced with an energy-saving high efficiency model. The back deck had some boards replaced, then got two to four coats of stain to bring it back to life. The front steps got a good cleaning and then a coat of slip-resistant paint, and the column had rotted wood removed, and replaced with vinyl planks, and a fresh coat of paint. The front entrance tiles got regrouted, the side widow got a cut glass overlay installed, and of course, painting all over the place.

Before Before Before Demolition Lots of garbage to remove Tiles ready to install Tiling: Denshield on back Tiling done - ready for grout Bath enclosure done! Bath enclosure done! Bath enclosure done! New vanity and flooring New lights - waiting for mirror All done!

Patio door replacement

When examining some dirty insulation on the basement, we discovered some water damage. The water was entering the structure by the rear patio door. When wood is kept wet, it will rot. Rotted wood attracts insects, and in this case, carpenter ants. The patio door jam (frame) turned out to be damaged as well, so it was a complete rebuild from the foundation up to the patio door casing (trim), including some custom exterior siding panels. As the work needed to be done from above, the floor above the affected area needed to be removed. The one good side to this was that the vinyle flooring was going to be replaced the following week, so that didn't end up being an added expense for the client.

Rotted header plate Old exhaust pipes More rot on right side Door casing removed Rotted door jam Cutting screws securing old door jam Floor is rotted - needs to be removed Damage is quite significant: need to expose more Cutting away the subfloor Damaged header and sil plates exposed Signs of insect damage Wood is very soft Everything removed - ready for repair New header plate being installed Ready to install subfloor Subfloor installed -ready for Blueskin Patio door installed - ready for door casing Caulking exterior Job complete - ready for new vinyl flooring!