Fixed and Sold!





Make your home stand out!

Here are some tips to make your home stand out:

Online appeal:

It used to be curb appeal was the first thing a potential buyer sees when looking at a home. With the Internet, it's online appeal. The loveliest home doesn't have a chance with poor photography. With so many listings posted in some areas, trying to make out details in dark, blurry photos when there are a lot of other listings to look at, could have a very negative effect. A good photographer can take the perfect pictures to showcase your home's full potential. The cost of having a professional photographer take pictures of your home is fairly low - especially when you're selling a home priced in the 6 figure market.

Curb appeal:

Second only to online appeal, curb appeal is the impression-maker. Clean, neat, well-maintained lawns and gardens are the key. This is your real bang for buck where a small amount of money really goes a long way. Colourful flowers in the flower beds with clean mulch covering the soil can really show off a home. Clean the windows, paint the trim (if needed), add some shutters (if the look permits), spray clean the walkway, seal the driveway, pull the weeds, clean & paint the eaves troughs: these are all things that can be done to create the perfect curb appeal for your home. Your real estate agent has an eye for curb appeal and will know what areas need attention.

Cleanliness is next to...

When selling your home, you MUST keep it looking and smelling clean! When people walk into your home, you must make them feel like they want to live there. Just imagine what it's like when you've walked into a messy or smelly home: your instant reaction is most-likely a negative one. Selling is all about negating negatives: leave only positive impressions for your buyers. All Fix It 2 Sell It home cleaning specialists are bonded and insured professionals. Their results are second to none, and are the envy of their competitors. Click here for more information.
Remember: buyers will be looking into every nook and cranny: we make sure it's clean when they look.


In order to make a home appear larger, you need to get rid of the clutter. Want to make a closet look big? Get rid of everything inside it but the clothes you are wearing this season. Everything else should go into storage. Empty your garage and basement: make them look twice the size, and let the potential buyers visualize all the space they have for their own stuff. The key is to create clean open spaces. When you put all your stuff into storage, you're doing yourself a favour: all those items are already packed and ready to move into you new home once you sell this one!


What turns a house into a home are the personal items we collect and display. Typically, these are the pictures of our family members we place on display. A wall with 50 family members on it looks like a cluttered wall, and makes the space look small. It also places strangers in that space and makes it difficult for potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. A generic picture with artistic value does a far better job of selling your home than your family pictures. Is your china cabinet filled to the brim with every memento? Thin it out: just keep a few items there to showcase the furniture - put the rest into storage.

Trust your real estate agent:

Your real estate agent does this for a living. They know what you need to do in order to make your home sell. They aren't emotionally-attached to your personal items - they see the defects that you can't and they know the market trends. They want the same things you do: to sell your house for as much as possible as soon as possible.