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Before and after basement


Basements can be overlooked by home sellers – especially if they aren’t finished. When selling your home, consider refinishing the basement to add usable living space. If finished, have a good look at the colours: you don’t want dark basements that look small – you want the area to offer options for your buyer so they can see themselves using this space.

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  • Finish that unfinished basement.
    This is a difficult decision. The person to help you decide this is your realtor: ask them what comparable homes in your area have sold for with and without a fished basement. The price difference shall be the maximum budget your basement renovation. Your home will sell for more, and will sell quicker with more living space. So even if you break even on this part of the project, you win out because your home will be on the market for a shorter period of time.
  • Painting the basement.
    Choosing white is very important: it brightens up the room and makes it look larger. Basements typically have little natural light coming into them, so the more white surfaces you have, the more reflected light there is to brighten up the room.
  • Organize that mess.
    Clear the floor of all clutter. Even if your basement is unfinished, get rid of everything: put in into storage and make the space look larger. If finished, consider cabinets or wall units for storage. If you have an old TV in rec room, consider renting or buying a new flat screen TV and turn the rec room into a multimedia home theatre.
  • Flooring:
    If you have cracks in the concrete, consider having them professionally-repaired. After the repair, you can have them painted with a good flooring paint for a clean and finished look. Other options include vinyl or laminate flooring (don’t use hardwood flooring), or even have them carpeted. It’s all about making the space look usable and inviting.
  • Let there be light.
    Lighting is very important in a basement. If renovating, you should pay close attention to having good lighting that makes the space look like it’s above-grade. Pot lights are concealed within the floor joists, but they can have poor coverage. If this is the case, consider adding track lighting on the periphery for added coverage.
  • Replace that old furnace.
    An old furnace is possibly the most common reason a buyer will ask for a credit on the asking price for a home. And typically they ask for much more than the actual cost of replacing the furnace with a new one. Have a new high-efficiency gas furnace installed with good energy-saving features (ECM / variable speed / brushless DC motors), and let your realtor know of these features in order to promote them to potential buyers. If the new furnace has a transferable warranty, ask your HVAC company for a fact sheet about the furnace and the warranty , and leave copies of it for the potential buyers to see.
Fix It 2 Sell It bathroom example 2
In this example we created a huge living space out of a boring storage area. When the potential buyers come into this new basement, they no longer see a project - they see potential!