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Before and after Living room

Living Rooms

Living rooms and dining rooms take up the most space in homes, yet can be spruced of at a much lower cost than kitchens and bathrooms. The major cost for rejuvenating these rooms is in windows and floors. If your windows are in good shape, they might just need a coat of paint. Hardwood floors can look new again with refinishing (count on 2 days of the rooms being unoccupied and sealed off from the rest of the house to properly do this). Above all, a coat of paint is the most cost-effective and has greatest impact on this kind of project. Remember to stick with neutral colours that you buyers will feel at home in.

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  • Declutter the space.
    Living rooms and dining rooms are the showcase places for the personal items in most homes. This is where most people have all their nick-knacks and family pictures as well as their family heirlooms on display. When selling your home, think of upgrading your storage as well as reducing the amount of stuff you have on display, This will help you keep a clean look as well as make it easier for you to clean up before showing your home to potential buyers. Rule of thumb: less is more -make the rooms look larger and cleaner.
  • Replace the trim.
    Baseboards and door trims are often damaged and look dated. This is a cost-effective way to give a new and current look to your living room and dining rooms. One thing to think about is uniformity, however: if you replace the trim in these rooms, you should consider doing this for the entire house.
  • Upgrade the hardware.
    Think about the front door hardware (knobs, deadbolts, hinges, etc…) as well as the hardware on rooms adjoining to the common areas of the house. A new door knob doesn’t have years of wear and isn’t covered in scratches: new looks better for the majority of homes (unless your home is a Victorian style home, and the antique look is what you’re going after).
  • Paint everything.
    The walls, ceiling and trim should get a new coat of paint. Select neutral colours that will appeal top the majority of home buyers. This is where it pays off to have it done professionally: an amateur job can be spotted a mile away and can reduce the appeal of your rooms significantly. A professional can also assist you in colour selection as well as paint types.
  • Look at your furniture.
    Most sellers keep their furniture, but they showcase their homes with the furniture still in it. There are many options that you real estate agent and/or designer can assist you with: cleaning the furniture, covering it, replacing it and renting it. This is where you really have to think objectively to ensure that you are in fact placing your best foot forward.
  • Look at the floors.
    If the hardwood looks old or dull or even worse. Consider either replacing it, covering it with new carpeting or refinishing it. If you have carpeted floors, consider having them professionally-dyed. The final look is very important: these rooms have the largest space as well as the largest exposed floor space.

fix it 2 sell it living room example 1

Natural light and light colours are what transform this dark and dated living room into modern and attractive design success. Notice the see-through gas fireplace that lets in the light from outside. This transformation looks expensive but has a low price tag and a high return on investment.

fix it 2 sell it living room example 2

Sometimes removing what's there reveals the true beauty of a room. An old carpet with pet stains is removed to reveal a beautiful hardwood floor that needed just a little tender loving care to really showcase this room. A fresh coat of paint and buyers are feeling at home in this beautiful space.

fix it 2 sell it living room example 3

Removing unwanted walls, and replacing a busy wall with sliding glass doors really makes this space mo0re pleasing to the eye. New flooring tops it off to greet buyers as they enter this space.

fix it 2 sell it living room example 4

Clean out the clutter and paint everything - including the floor! This room's makeover came at a low cost with a very high impact and return. Buyers coming into this room don't need to imagine the potential: they can live it right away!

fix it 2 sell it living room example 5

Less is more here, as removing the cabinet sides gives the appearance of more space: appearance of more space gets better offers from buyers!

fix it 2 sell it living room example 6

Sometimes the cheapest avenue is the best: an intelligent choice of paint colour combined with some good furniture placement give this room all the appeal it needs to make buyers start writing down offers.