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Before and after bedroom


Rejuvenating a bedroom to help sell your home is more about clearing it of personal items and cleaning than remodelling. The main project that should be done in almost all cases is painting. The seller should also look at windows, doors, flooring and closets for any defects. These rooms get the least amount of attention compared to kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms, and thus should have the smaller share of your capital spent on increasing the sales ability and price of your home.

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  • Think painting first.
    White is the main colour to go with because buyers will tend to paint these rooms to personalize them to the individual taste of the occupant. You pick white to give the room a bright and clean look, as well as make the room appear larger. In some cases, such as in this picture, a colour other than white can be used, but stick with the neutral colours, seek advice from your real estate agent / designer.
  • Declutter this space.
    Bedrooms have all our personal and private items – especially kids rooms. This is when you need to clear out everything that isn’t absolutely necessary to have there. Remove the Justin Bieber posters, the sports teams memorabilia, etc… Remove all stuff off the floor: you want the room to look as big as possible, and lots of open floor space is the answer.
  • Add Storage.
    Even the largest bedrooms can probably improve with some additional storage space. A bedroom renovation can add storage in several ways. Built-in shelves, closet organizers or an additional closet can all make room for more clothes, linens and other items.
  • Look at the floor.
    If it’s carpeted, have it professionally-leaned. Got a stain you can’t remove? The cost of having your carpet professionally-dyed is most-often less that replacing it with new. Got worn hardwood floors? Consider having them professionally-refinished. Like with your living rooms, count on 3 days of the room being sealed off for best results.
  • How does the bed look?
    It’s rarely necessary to replace a bed in order to make a bedroom more appealing to a buyer: often a new duvet cover or bed set can add the perfect look to a bedroom. Look for deals and ask for advice from your real estate agent / designer.