Cleaning Services

Time to put your best foot forward by calling in the specialists:

Cleanliness is next to...

When selling your home, you MUST keep it looking and smelling clean! When people walk into your home, you must make them feel like they want to live there. Just imagine what it's like when you've walked into a messy or smelly home: your instant reaction is most-likely a negative one. Selling is all about removing the negatives: leave only positive impressions with your buyers. All Fix It 2 Sell It home cleaning specialists are professionally-trained and are bonded and insured. On top of that, the work is guaranteed!

Below is a list of what we typically do to a home in order to make it show-ready:

Our Routines:

Dispose of trash in each room we clean. The trash is left by a side or rear door or in an attached garage. We do not take it outside or bring it back with us. All cleaning solutions used are non toxic.

Bathtubs and showers should be scoured and left dry. Generally, a tub shower should take about 20 min. However if a tub/shower has not been kept up for several months (first time clean) we may not be able to get it perfect the first time as it took time to accumulate and will take time to remove. We can go back at the end of the cleaning session and spend more time and pro-rate it.
Toilets are hand cleaned inside and out.
Exhaust fans are dusted.
Sink(s), mirror(s) and cabinets are cleaned.
Floors are vacuumed and hand washed.

Upper and lower cabinets are wiped down.
Small and large appliances: the outsides are wiped down and buffed dry.
Lights are wiped and/or dusted off.
Microwave is cleaned inside and out.
Counters all counters are cleaned moving items and getting into the corners.
Vent hoods are cleaned on top and under.
Backsplashes are cleaned.
Sink scoured and left dry: special compound is used then a finishing polish is applied to make it sparkle!
Dirty dished are piled neatly in sink.
Floor is vacuumed and hand washed.
Table and chairs: upholstery is vacuumed and table and chairs are cleaned legs and tops.
Cob webbing, cob webbing mini blinds, cleaning either kitchen window or one set of patio doors. (French doors are extra).

Cob webbed and dusted.
Shelving that can be reached is dusted as are the items on shelf as long as they are not delicate or there are too many items.
If a bed is stripped and clean sheets are left out we will make the bed. We straighten beds. (this is more What a maid will do).
Dresser’s, mirror’s and head boards: cob web blinds, dust window sills, vacuum floors and under furniture that can be reached or moved.

Hard Floor Surfaces
One of three techniques is used : in Kitchen and bathrooms we hand wash. If specified other rooms will be Steam mopped otherwise they are spot cleaned.

Rooms should be left tidy
Magazines, blankets and pillows should be left in an appealing way. Towels and clothes should be tri-folded. Front door glass should be cleaned inside and out weather permitting.
Switch plates and door knobs should be wiped.

If your walls are the right colour, and don't need to be painted, the alternative is washing them. It's quite surprising how a good cleaning of the walls can liven up the room, and add brilliance.

Call us or have your real estate professional give us a call so we can begin the process of transforming your home!